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Art: Colour Therapy

After a self-imposed art ban of three months or so, I felt like drawing again this week. I was glad I'd had the break because I was able to enjoy the process so much more than I had for a long time. Fortunately my skills hadn't shrivelled up through lack of use, but rather I was able to produce something I loved on the first try. :) I'm really happy with this piece and it was great therapy drawing it. 

Here is the finished piece (just a photo I'm afraid, scanning A3 is a total pain, so I'm sorry about the murky edges):

Linework is done in dark brown ink (Faber Castell Pitt artist pen) and the colour is Sharpie, Magic Marker and colour pencil.

It's a portrait of Chara (my eternal muuuuuuse <3) and the style is inspired by the Japanese illustrator Macoto, aka Makoto Takahashi, whose work I had been looking at the day before I started sketching. His images are extremely cutesy and girly, but I really like the flatness of his forms and the strong, stylised outlines. Mine is less cutesy but still totally girly. :P

Here's also the original sketch and the linework.


Nov. 8th, 2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
Sharpie, markers, and colored pencils?? I never would have guessed you made such juicy colors with those. Amazing!